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Pillow cover yellow how to wash white


Pillow cover yellow how to wash white?

There are many small details in life that we often ignore. If you care about it, you will find that there are many things in the cleaning when there are certain skills, such as pillowcases, you know the pillow cover hair How to wash yellow?

How to wash pillow yellow

Pillow covers are yellow and dirty and germs are easy to grow. Therefore, dirty pillow cases should be cleaned in time. Next Xiaobian came to introduce the cleaning tips for the pillowcase. Pillow covers are an important part of the pillow. Because they are often in contact with the head and other parts of the body, they are particularly prone to becoming dirty, yellow, and germ-free.

method one

The yellow pillowcases are best cleaned in the hot sun for one to two hours before they are cleaned. This will effectively remove the yellow marks. After exposure, immediately soak the pillowcase, to thoroughly soak the stains on the pillowcase, it is best to use warm water or hot water, put detergent and other detergents together to soak together for more than an hour. After soaking, whether it is hand washing or machine washing, first wash with detergent, wash away the basic sweat spots. Many laundry detergents have no effect on sweat stains that last longer, and the effect of detergents will be better. Therefore, after the detergent is washed, it can be washed again with detergent and wash away these stains.

Method Two

If the pillowcase material is relatively heat-resistant, it can be changed to boiled water without the two-step method. Put the detergent and pillowcase in boiling water for a period of time, then remove it and scrub or use a brush to see the cleansing effect. If you still can't reach the effect, put it in and continue to cook. Repeat until you are satisfied. Some pillowcases that don't change often, or those that are sloppy, may not completely remove yellow marks. It can be washed again with white oil, and the yellowing effect is very good. It is also possible to dispense with the above steps and clean directly with white oil after exposure.


White oil can cause harm to the human body, so be sure to wear gloves during the cleaning process. The white oil is volatile. After cleaning, the pillowcase should be aired for enough time, and then rinsed several times with fresh water. Bleachers should not be bleached at will. Some fabrics will not tolerate strong oxidizers. After bleaching, the pillowcases may be scrapped. Those pillowcases with more colors may not be able to be bleached. If the pillowcase is solid or light-colored, and the fabric is dyed firmly and resistant to strong oxidants, bleaching agents (washing bleach, bleach, bleach, etc.) can be used for foaming or boiling. This method is The most effective, can completely go yellow.

2, how to choose a healthy pillow

Under normal circumstances, the appropriate height of the pillow is suitable for 10-15 cm, but the specific size also depends on the physiological characteristics of each person, especially the physiological curvature of the neck. Shoulder-body body fat pillows may be slightly higher, while skinny people may be slightly lower.

In general, people with high blood pressure, heart disease, and asthma sometimes need to sleep high; people with low blood pressure and anemia sometimes need to sleep low.

Sleep habits have an effect on determining the height of pillows. Those who are accustomed to falling asleep should have a pillow height that is equivalent to the height of their fists after being compressed (the height of a fist is the height of a boxing box) and those who are accustomed to sleeping on the side, The height of the pillow should be the same as the shoulder height of one side after compression.

For the pillow itself, the part behind the neck (neck) should be slightly higher and have a certain hardness so that it can set off and maintain the physiological curvature of the neck. The part that supports the back of the head should be 3-5 cm lower than the above part, so that it can fully support the head and adapt to the height of the neck.

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